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I’m interested in structural biology questions, using microscopes and modeling tools to unveil three-dimensional machines inside cells. I work with students to appreciate the visual beauty of biology and understand the function and evolutionary relationships between structures. I prioritize teaching, with an active learning approach so our next generation of scientists, activists, entrepreneurs, and leaders have the skills necessary to make a positive impact. You can often find me working with students in the lab, designing new slime mold experiments to model big human problems like border policy and addiction, or in the Collaborative Modeling Center, creating 3D models of cells and printing our favorite structures with the laser 3D printer.

New Bacterial Structures - publication and research by Megan Dobro


I study tiny machines inside cells, and their impact on our health and global environment. My scholarship includes cell biology, microbiology, and educational research.

New Bacterial Structures - publication and research by Megan Dobro


I want to understand our community needs and make sure my program is accessible and welcoming to students who have been traditionally left out of science. Science relies on problem solving and collaboration and more diverse groups can be more creative, ask more questions, and interpret results differently. Diversity does not just enhance science; it is integral to its success.

Speaking Engagements


Bill Newman Show WHMP Radio

SciTech Cafe Talk Promotion:
Visual Models for Understanding Biology
Oct 19, 9:30am, 101.5 & 107.5FM.


SciTech Cafe

“Visual Models for Understanding Biology:
CryoEM of Bacterial Ultrastructure and Problem Solving with Slime Mold”
Oct 22, 6pm, Northampton Union Station.
Open to the public!


American Society for Cell Biology

Annual Conference
“Modeling Human Problems with Slime Mold can Attract New Students to Science and Teach Important Skills”
Dec 8-12, San Diego, CA.

Programs I Work With

James Baldwin Scholars of Hampshire College
Ethics and the Common Good
Collaborative Modeling Center
Plasmodium Consortium
ascb - an international forum for cell biology
Warm Heart
YESS! - Youth Empowerment through Safer Sexuality
Bacteria, HIV, DNA and other micriobiological strucures

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Have some questions about my research? Looking to book a speaking engagement? Looking to collaborate? Want to join the Plasmodium Consortium? Please send me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks.

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Keep a lookout for my chapter about teaching with slime mold in this upcoming book edited by @andy_adamatzky. It was a really fun collaboration with @amyshalliday and @jonathonkeats and the book contains chapter by many other brilliant people, @HeatherABarnett included! micro_megan photo

Wow, Hampshire students...this is an amazing opportunity. I was the Physiology course assistant as an undergrad and it changed my life.
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MBL Physiology @MBLPhys
Do you know an undergraduate who is excited about science, great at working with people, and a good team player? Please encourage them to apply for a Course Assistant position in the Physiology Course.

See image for details and contact information.

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Just learned about #iEMBER at #ascbembo2018 and now I have so many new resources for making my classroom as inclusive as possible. Thank you all for an awesome session! @ASCBiology

Ended my first day at #ASCBEMBO18 with a notepad full of new ideas. Next semester's cell bio course is gonna rock!

Can't wait for #ASCBEMBO18! Especially looking forward to all the education programming so I can re-vamp my cell bio course. Who else will be there?

You know that feeling when you're so excited about something you can't sleep or sit still? Laying the groundwork for my next big adventure and I cannot wait. #EMDL #LookingForCorporateSponsorship!